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0.1 OHM High Overload Power Heated Cement Resistor with 5% Resistance Tolerance

0.1 OHM High Overload Power Heated Cement Resistor with 5% Resistance Tolerance

0.1 ohm High Overload Power Heated Cement Resistor with 5% Resistance Tolerance Pak heng offers high quality, extensive resistance and highly cost effective 5% heated cement resistor. Our company is a susseccful and honesty manufacturer and supplier. We have devoted ourselves to resistors for...

    0.1 ohm High Overload Power Heated Cement Resistor with 5% Resistance Tolerance


    1、 Good heat-durability, low temperature coefficient, high overload power,good insulating performance.

    2、 Operating ambient temperature:- 55℃~+275℃.

    3、 Insulating resistance value:DC500V 100MΩ.

    4、 Insulating strength:AC500V/minute.

    5、 Resistance tolerance: ±5%、±10%

    Single Illustration:

    A Gloup of Illustration:

    Rated Power Derating Curve:

    Performance Test:

    Test Item

    Test Condition


    Temperature coefficient

    Test the resistance value at normal temperature added 100℃,calculate per ℃ resistance value rate.


    Short time overload

    2~4W:According 5 times rated voltage ,5~10W: According 10 times rated power to account the voltage or max .overload voltage (get the lower)for 5 seconds.


    Resistance to soldering heat

    Immerge into the 350±10℃ tin stove for 2~3 seconds.



    Immerge into the 245±3℃ tin stove for 2~3 seconds.

    The area of soldering is over 95%

    Temperature cycling

    At -55℃ for 30 min,then at +25℃ for 10~15 min,then at +275℃ for 30 min,then at +25℃ for 10~15min, total 5 cycles.


    Load life in humidity

    Overload rated voltage or Max. working voltage(get the lower) for 1000 hours (1.5 hours on and half-hours off) at the 40±2℃ and 90~95% relative humidity.


    Load life in heat

    Overload rated voltage or Max. working voltage(get the lower)m for 1000 hours (1.5 hours on and half-hours off) at the 70±2℃.



    Respectively load AC voltage by5,10,16 times rated power for 5 min.

    No visible flame

    Product Qualification


    Means of Delivery:

    Our Shipment:

    1. We will ship the goods within 1-3 work days after payment confirmation.

    2. We can ship goods via DHL/Fedex/UPS/TNT/EMS. Pls tell us which you prefer. We suggest DHL, because it is cheapest and fast in China.

    3. We are not responsible for any accidents, delays or other situations related with shipping company. But we will keep focus on the package tracking.

    4. Any import fees or charges are the buyer's responsibility.



    Q1: How to guarantee the Quality of Industrial Parts?

    A1: We have the integrated system for industrial parts quality control. We have IQC(income quality control), IPQCS(in process quality control section), FQC(final quality control) and OQC(out-going quality control) to control each process of industrial parts production.


    Q2: What’s the Advantage of Your Parts for Industry Products?

    A2: The advantage of our products is the competitive prices, fast delivery and high quality. Our employees are responsible-oriented, friendly-oriented and diligent-oriented. Our products are featured by strict tolerance, smooth finish and long service time.

    Q3: Why Should Choose Us?

    1. We have more than 20 years of experience in electronics industry and strictly follow the international standard in manufacturing.

    2. We cooperate with a large number of high-quality suppliers.

    3. We have a professional team, our customer concept is “customer first, excellent service”.

    About Us

    We are specializes in a great variety of resistors, (low, high resistance value supply by your request). It can be widely used in various kinds of industry line, such as TV, Audio, Monitor, New Energy, Lighting, Transducer, Power Supply, UPS, Digital Products, Charger, Household Appliances, Apparatus, Electric Welding Machine, Elevator and other industries.

    PakHeng Electronics is one of the leading 0.1 ohm high overload power heated cement resistor with 5% resistance tolerance manufacturers and suppliers in China, offering the free sample and competitive price. Welcome to wholesale the high quality bulk resistors made in China from us. It if of good performance and high safety.

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