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Top 5 industrial robot producers in China
- Sep 13, 2017 -

China's industrial robot production is maintaining its momentum and is expected to exceed 23 percent of the country's market share this year, according to Shenzhen Gaogong Industry Research (GGII) on emerging strategic industries in China.

The statistics show that industrial robot sales worth 13.5 billion yuan ($2 billion) in China reached 85,000 in 2016, up 23.91 percent year-on-year.

About 20 percent of industrial robots are made in China.

With more and more Chinese firms involved in industrial robot production, GGII listed the top five industrial robot producers in China based on their output, technology and brand influence. Foxconn Technology Group takes the number one spot with mass production of its industrial robot Foxbot.

Let's take a look at China's top 5 industrial robot producers.